LibMIA is a software library (under development) that implements and executes a powerful formalism called multi-index array (MIA) algebra.

MIA algebra is designed to be a natural formalism for working with multi-dimensional data, or MIAs, commonly encountered in image processing, computer vision and other scientific fields. The algebra is based off of Einstein, or indicial notation. MIA algebra extends Einstein notation by providing support for element-wise products and the solution of linear MIA equations. Dense and sparse MIAs are supported. Operations can handle either type of data and even mixtures of dense and sparse MIAs.

LibMIA is implemented in C++ and will eventually support a MATLAB interface. Users can program using MIA algebra directly. Using template metaprogramming, the library checks and resolves MIA algebra expressions at compile time, minimizing any run-time slowdowns.

Please visit the LibMIA documentation for more information on getting started with MIA algebra and LibMIA.

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